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Pernod Ricard Responsib’All day 

The project was about telling the narrative of Pernod Ricard’s project to give back to the community of Auckland. everyone from management to grass roots came and volunteered to help with  maintenance, planting and building of penguin boxes on the environmentally unique Motuihe Island.

Pernod Ricard Responsib’All day 

This 2018 event was held at Waitawa National Park.  Employees and park rangers enjoying the opportunity to engage with each other over a community planting project.

Intra- Image guided Healthcare

This video project was created to highlight the new Intra Care facility on Auckland’s North Shore. This is the social media cut kept short and snappy. Intra specialise in minimally invasive medical procedures, such as coronary angiography and stenting using advanced radiolical procedures to ‘look inside’ the patient  to identify problems. Described as shining a light through the patient. All of whichmeans patients do not need to go into hospital for traditional more invasive surgery where cuts to the patient are bigger and recovery times significantly longer.